How to make your bedroom more tranquil on a budget

Jul 8 2021, 8:19 am

Everyone wants to feel like their room is a calming sanctuary when they come home but doing a full renovation to achieve this isn’t always attainable.

There are some budget-friendly ways to create an oasis out of your existing bedroom.

Things like reorganizing, and investing in a few small mood boosters will make a huge difference for your space. Read on to find out how to bring tranquility into your home in a budget friendly way!

Switch up your lighting

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Lighting and the light that comes through a room is one of the most mood-influencing aspects of any space. Putting some focus on this characteristic will definitely assist in creating a well-balanced, peaceful space. If your bedroom has natural lighting, be sure to maximize it and use curtains of a lighter shade to let the light come through. Ensure you don’t let any larger furniture obstruct the light either and keep the window areas open.

If you’re looking for that soothing atmosphere in the evening, try getting some warmer small lights to create a dim glow. This can be a really cost-effective purchase if you look for smaller warm lights in places like Homesense, or even a small salt lamp from your local drugstore. 

Rearrange existing furniture to create more space

A completely free (but hard) way to change up your room is to work with what you have and rearrange the furniture to create more room. Try creating clear pathways and make pockets of space to breathe. In Vancouver, many of us have smaller rooms so this can be a challenge to play around with. The goal with this would be to find a focal point, likely the bed, and try not to build too many pieces of furniture around it.

Have a reorganization day

Tranquil room

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Tying in with the above tip is to have a reorganization or “clear out” day. Clutter can impact how we feel so much, without even noticing! Make it a priority to reorganize your space and remove any unnecessary items that are just taking up space. 

If you’ve got nothing to get rid of, reevaluate how you store your items. Try finding more sneaky ways to give everything you own a space to stay. Things like bedside tables with extra storage or under the bed storage are great ways to remove clutter from your sight line.

Add plants

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Kendall Ansell – Telus Garden

Plants are an incredible way to get some freshness and life into the room. When paired with lighter colours in your bedding and walls, it is such a simple step to achieve tranquility. As plants are a way to get a little nature indoors, it will help you feel like you’ve got more space to breathe in your small oasis. 

Create small peaceful spots

Tranquil room

Kendall Ansell – Oak Street

If you’re looking for a little more tranquility and a way to destress after a long day, you should try creating small calming spots around the room. You can do this in a subtle way by creating features with a few of your favourite books and items that feel calming to you and add them to a shelf or bedside table. 

Another way to do this is to create small seating areas where you can take a few deep breaths. If there’s space, having seating areas in your bedroom can help give you that separation of where you sleep versus where you relax. To do this cost effectively, you can grab a few cushions, tall plants, and a throw blanket and make a small cozy corner in your room.

Tranquil room

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Tranquility can be achieved at any budget and with a few simple steps, you can have your room feeling like a true oasis! Try these tips out and feel the difference of having a calming and peaceful room to escape and enjoy.

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