Are you becoming your dad?

Dec 19 2017, 11:26 am

Schick has noticed men everywhere are getting BMD – Becoming My Dad Syndrome – and want to help.

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Signs and symptoms of BMD Syndrome

Sensible Slacks

One of the earliest signs of BMD is an urge to substitute the stylish for the comfortable. Have your skinny jeans suddenly become “comfort fit”? Are you wearing socks with sandals? Did your shirt come in a plastic package with 5 other identical shirts? Are you wearing a fanny pack? You may have BMD.

Yelling at kids to get off your lawn

Do you feel emotional about your lawn mower? Do you find yourself caring about the difference between bluegrass and bladed fescue? Do you actually know what bladed fescue is? An unnaturally strong interest in lawn care is common in BMD sufferers. But, we can help.

Too many puns

If you find yourself asking rhetorically about the weather being hot or cold enough, making references as to how one is working hard versus hardly working, or participating in jokes involving wordplay, chickens-crossing-roads, or the pulling of fingers, you may have a problem.

Wood Paneling decor

Do you have a favourite recliner? Does your house contain artwork featuring WW2 fighter planes or plaque-mounted wildlife? Untreated BMD has been known to turn state-of-the-art media rooms into wood paneled man-caves, almost overnight. Get help today.

Hot beef sandwich cravings

One day, you have a sudden desire for a club sandwich or pickled eggs. The next, you begin to refer to vegetables as “rabbit food.” Suddenly, mayonnaise becomes exotic, tomato soup becomes “spicy” and you can’t eat a meal that doesn’t contain meat and/or potatoes. BMD has a devastating effect on your taste buds, but we can help.

Read survivor stories and see the cure to BMD.

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