7 beautiful destinations around BC you can reach after a six-minute charge on your EV

Nov 1 2021, 5:07 pm

The natural beauty of BC is boundless, from turquoise lakes to rugged mountainscapes. Even if you’ve lived in the province for your whole life, there’s always something spectacular to discover.

Now more than ever, we’re conscious of the impact we’re having on the planet, actively seeking out ways to live and travel more sustainably. Doing so in BC while enjoying some of the most breathtaking local wonders is possible with a vehicle designed around holistic sustainability.

During production, the fully electric BMW iX uses renewable energy sources, and it’s engineered with resource-efficient batteries to take you from the city to the highway for the ultimate drive. When charged at a high-power charging station for just six minutes, this uniquely monolithic-in-shape vehicle has a range of up to 100 km*.

That got us thinking of all the awe-inspiring places in BC that could be reached following a fast EV charge-up of the BMW iX. With the starting point at Daily Hive’s HQ on Homer Street, we’ve rounded up seven magnificent destinations within BC.

Rubble Creek Trailhead (99.5 km)

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Located roughly midway between Squamish and Whistler, Rubble Creek Trailhead provides access to many of the hiking routes (there’s over 90 km of trails) and sights within Garibaldi Provincial Park. From diverse vegetation to snow-capped mountains, the park has something for visitors to marvel at year-round. Plus, you can set your eyes on the towering mountains before you even step out of your vehicle at the trailhead.

Cascade Falls Regional Park (98.9 km)

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Covering 22 hectares northeast of Mission, Cascade Falls Regional Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. To get to the falls from the parking lot, you can take a short, well-groomed trail that meanders through the forest and leads you to a viewing platform and a suspension bridge. Another benefit of tackling this trail is that dogs are permitted to join you on leash.

Tantalus Lookout (81.6 km)

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Vancouver weather can be unpredictable, so it’s always advisable to have a backup plan for your outing. Located just off the winding Sea to Sky Highway, the Tantalus Lookout is a great option that delivers postcard-worthy scenes. Here, you can take in captivating river valley and mountain views — rain or shine — right from your car.

Steelhead Falls (64.6 km)


In the Fraser Valley, Steelhead Falls is another mesmerizing waterfall worth visiting. To get to this hidden gem, head to the Hayward Lake Reservoir Trail entry point from the parking lot. The loop trail quickly immerses visitors in nature, taking you through a scenic forest and over bridges before reaching the gushing falls.

Murrin Provincial Park (55.8 km)

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Situated south of Squamish, Murrin Provincial Park covers 32 hectares, so there’s plenty to discover, with numerous rock faces for avid climbers. It’s also home to one of the shortest hikes in Squamish: the Murrin Park Loop Trail. Although it’s just two kilometres in length, it leads to unparalleled Howe Sound views and even features a bench for sunset-watching.

Crescent Beach Point (46.4 km)


The landscape of BC is such that you could be traversing the forest during sunrise and listening to the waves lap against the shore at the beach at sunset. At Surrey’s Crescent Beach, you’ll find one of the most charming lookout points in Metro Vancouver. Complete with serene water and mountain vistas, it’s a perfect place to catch the sunset — from inside or outside your vehicle.

Bowen Lookout (29.1 km)

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Those who are looking for adventure and sensational views on the North Shore only have to drive up Cypress Bowl Road. There’s a viewpoint right on the second switchback that overlooks the entire city of Vancouver. And if you wish to see over as far as Bowen Island and Howe Sound, there’s the Bowen Lookout accessible via a trial near the Cypress Mountain ski area.

It’s clear the BMW iX is an ideal road trip companion, making it easy to get outside and explore the above-stated destinations beyond our doorsteps. While the entirely electric-powered vehicle’s sustainable structure can take drivers up to 100 km on a six-minute charge, when plugged in at home overnight, this range increases fourfold — allowing you to explore further with BMW.

The vehicle’s sustainable features extend to the natural materials and recyclates — FSC certified wood, kenaf, econyl, natural rubber, and raw aluminum — used within the interior cabin to create its chic, minimalist design. It doesn’t take long to realize its architecture is inspired by modern interior design, boasting the largest panoramic glass roof ever installed in a BMW.

To learn more about the first-ever BMW iX and where it could take you on the road, visit bmw.ca.

*Please note: BMW AG predicted the estimated range (based on WLTP methodology), horsepower, and acceleration. Official EPA test results are not yet available. Range may vary based on driving habits and other factors.

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