3 tips for getting a job before you graduate

Mar 7 2017, 4:30 am

The reason you’re in school right now is to further your education for the career that you want, right? But what’s next? Finding a job after you graduate can be a daunting task in this complex world we live in. Here are some tips to help you get a head start.

Build related work experience while you’re in school

Having the right education for the field you want to be in is a great starting point, but having related work experience to back it up is even better. Try to build your experience by working for relevant companies part time or during school breaks. You can also see if your instructors need assistance on projects that they are working on.

Determine what employers are looking for

Different employers will have different needs, but it’s important to ensure you have the credentials they’re looking for. Enrol in courses that will be relevant to the career you want. Not sure how to choose the right courses? Talk to recent grads, employers, and your school advisors for their advice.

Network with the best employers in the industry

Sometimes employers know who they want to hire before the job gets posted. Networking is essential for all jobs, in all fields. Get a head start on your job search by making contacts with the best employers in your chosen industry. Reaching out to friends, family, and instructors is the best way to be introduced to these contacts.

BCIT has industry connections that ensure courses offered match what employers are looking for, providing students with the right experience in and outside the classroom. At BCIT, your career starts even before you graduate.

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