BCIT debuts nap room for sleepy students

Dec 20 2017, 3:37 am

BCIT launched a new pilot program that allows students to catch a power nap between classes.

The nap room is located in BCIT’s Burnaby campus Recreational Services building in a racquet ball court and is available for sleepy students to use from 12:30 to 5 p.m. It was started by the BCIT and the BCIT Student Association after they noticed students sleeping all over campus.


“We just realized that it’s very evident that they’re tired,” BCITSA Health and Wellness Coordinator Hannah Bielert told Vancity Buzz.

“It’s not a surprise to anyone that BCIT has high course loads and it can be a little more stressful than other post secondary institutions.”

Bielert said for students who don’t live on campus, it’s inconvenient to travel back home just to catch a little shuteye during breaks, so the Student Association saw a need for the nap room.

The room is sparse and dimly lit to make it more comfortable for students. The 10 beds are made of vinyl and students are required to wipe them down with sanitizer after using them (although Bielert notes germ-phobes can spray it down prior to napping too). Clean pillow cases are provided as well.





“It’s not as prison-looking in real life as it is in the photos,” jokes Bielert.

“It’s not a Hilton, but it’s better than a chair.”

Much in the same way they book study rooms, BCIT students can book a bed in the nap room using an online portal where they simply click and view available hour-long time slots.

The benefits of a nap room can’t be denied. The National Sleep Foundation said just a 40 minute nap can improve a person’s performance by 34 per cent and alertness by 100 per cent.

And it can have safety benefits, too. Grogginess makes driving extremely dangerous, according to the NSF, so taking a 20 minute nap might be beneficial for students before hitting the road.

So far, the nap room has been fairly successful since its launch on Monday and has sparked curiosity among BCIT students. Facebook comments even indicate interest from other schools.

“Everyone’s bringing their groups by to look at it and talk about it, and everyone seems really excited about it,” said Bielert.

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