BCer's Get Ready to See Red

Dec 19 2017, 11:46 am


As I sit here in my corner office drinking copious amounts of Vodka (I know it’s early but fuck it I just finished a major project) and playing an egregious amount of video games it hit me like shopping cart left a stray by some homeless man outside a liquor store . At the end of this economic storm our company will come out on top and grab more market share, much to the chagrin of our competitors.
Then I got to thinking, will British Columbia be able to do the same. Its official we are now heading into a deficit budget. There was no way BC was going to whether this economic storm and stay in the black. Obviously the Liberals are not too happy about the circumstances but it had to be done. The disappointment was evident when Gordo announced this on Monday.
Now many have said that Gordon Campbell and the Liberals have not governed well, simply they were lucky recipients during times of economic prosperity. We call these people asshats. You know Carole James, the majority of Vancouver bloggers, the poverty industry and so on. Pure fuckery as rationality alludes most of them.
Well times have changed, even my economically retarded friends know this as they can no longer afford life’s luxuries. They never had any money in that LV purse anyways. Judging by the status of VCB’s facebook fans the phrase, “I need a job” is all too common these days. My sympathies to those without work. No sympathies to those who think working for the “man” is not for them.

I know now that BC’s economy has now caught up to the shenanigans witnessed by the now burlap sack wearing men and women in the once almighty United States.

Herein lies the true test for the Liberals. Their first step will be the budget in which they are expected to announce some major spending to stimulate (word of the year candidate) the economy.

I’m sure British Columbians remember when the rest of Canada was doing well in the 90’s and we were stuck between a rock and some overpaid union worker and consequently lost our western edge to Cowtown. The Liberals and COV have taken considerable steps to stop the bleeding and turn the corner. Lets not fuck it up people.

Come May the Liberals are the only ones on the ballot qualified to run this province.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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