3 ways to get work experience while you’re in school

Mar 20 2017, 7:59 pm

What’s one thing all employers look for?

Previous, related work experience. Work experience is essential before finishing your degree. Applied learning is key, but on top of all the assignments, tests, and studying, it can be tough to fit in. That’s why all BCIT programs offer ways to get experience while you are still in school. Here are a few ways that a BCIT student can gain work experience.

Industry Projects

One way to get work experience is to pursue training that gets you solving real-world problems. For example, BCIT Computing students work in groups to develop innovative solutions for businesses or non-profits through the Industry Sponsored Student Project (ISSP) program. A recent group of students worked with the Salvation Army Addictions & Rehabilitation Centre to build case management module software, bringing fresh ideas to the organization. 

Internships or Co-ops

Look for programs that require work experience as part of the curriculum. The BCIT School of Business has built relationships with many organizations that help provide their students with hands-on experience. A 10-week internship is mandatory in programs like the Marketing Management Diploma, providing students with experience and contacts in advertising and media agencies, client marketing teams, and more.

Simulation Technology

In the BCIT School of Health Sciences, students gain experience before they even leave the classroom. Students in the Specialty and Bachelor of Science Nursing programs have the opportunity to work with simulation dolls that hemorrhage, go into cardiac arrest, and more. Learning the ropes before working with real patients prepares students for what they can expect on the job.

Be one of the 96% of BCIT degree graduates who are employed. Learn more on the BCIT website.

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