Dog suffers "excruciating" eye injury after reportedly being hit with a hammer

Dec 1 2020, 9:33 pm

A dog that was suffering from an “excruciating” eye injury is now recovering and being cared for by the BC SPCA.

The 10-year old Shepherd cross, named Duke, “had allegedly been hit in the head with a hammer” and required immediate surgery, “as his injury had been left untreated for so long that his eye was in danger of bursting,” the SPCA said.

Duke the dog / BC SPCA

To complicate matters further, Duke had an E. coli infection in his nasal cavity, which required a second surgery.

Still, despite these challenges and the “intense pain” he was in, Duke “had nothing but tail wags and kisses for those caring for him,” and he “came through both surgeries with flying colours,” the SPCA said.

Now, the BC SPCA is launching a matching campaign supported by three generous donors to help provide urgently needed care for animals rescued from horrific situations of animal abuse, such as Duke.

Duke the dog / BC SPCA

All donations up to $125,000 will be matched through the generosity of the Eldon and Anne Foote Fund, Eileen and Anna, and Gordon and Daphne Squire, helping save twice as many animals.

“Duke’s story is just one example of why the generosity of our donors matters so much, and we really hope that people will consider making a donation that will have twice the impact for animals in need with this matching opportunity,” says Tess Repenning, senior manager of digital giving for the BC SPCA.

Those who can donate or offer help are encouraged to visit the SPCA online.

The COVID-19 pandemic this year has made things extra hard for non-profit organizations and charities, which typically rely on in-person fundraisers, to raise cash. And animal welfare organizations, rescues, sanctuaries and support groups are no exception.

So in addition to the SPCA, here are 15 charities helping animals in BC and beyond.

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