BC SPCA offering 50% off cat adoptions in wake of shelter evacuations

Aug 22 2018, 4:28 pm

Whether you’re eager to adopt your first cat or are looking for another friendly feline to add to your animal family, the time has never been better.

The BC SPCA is currently holding an adult cat adoption event.

From now until Friday, August 31, aspiring pet owners can adopt adult cats for 50% off the regular adoption fee. Any cat over the age of 18-months-old is considered an adult.

Fees normally range from $80 to $150 depending on the location of the branch and already includes having the feline neutered, vaccinated, as well as having a behavioural assessment and daily checkups.


Falcon, a six-year-old male from Nanaimo.

The event includes all SPCA locations across British Columba, except for those closed due to wildfire evacuations.

The organization has explained in a statement that “due to the evacuations and fire threats, the SPCA has transferred 127 animals out of northern shelters to other SPCA locations, including 75 kittens and 34 cats.”


Mya, an eight-year-old from Chilliwack

Lorie Chortyk of the BC SPCA explains that “this means that many of our other shelters are at capacity and we’d love to find these wonderful cats a loving home as soon as possible.

Adult cats have the advantage of being litter-trained and are already fully grown. In addition to being much more settled, their personalities are fully developed and potential owners know exactly what they’re getting. They also require less supervision than younger pets do.

Adopting an animal comes with a one-time fee but fulfilling their daily needs is an ongoing commitment. Potential owners should be prepared to pay for basic supplies including food, toys, collars, and travel carriers, to name a few.


Ronald, an eight-year-old from East Kootenay

Annual veterinarian exams are also essential, even if the pet seems to be doing fine. According to the SPCA, “veterinarians can pick up on small problems before they get bigger.”

New guardians will be gifted a free bag of pet food to ensure their new friends are well-fed and well-nourished.

Anyone who’s interested in taking advantage of the SPCA’s adoption promotion can visit their local branch or visit the SPCA website to meet some adoptable animals.

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