BC's new ready-to-drink seltzer just hit the shelves and it's already breaking records

Apr 12 2023, 6:30 pm

As summer finally inches closer, we’re all gearing up for those beach days, patio sessions, backyard barbecues and all of the other fun that comes with the season — and, if you’re looking for the perfect drink to enjoy with all of these activities and more, this new BC-born hard seltzer has just arrived at BCLIQUOR.

SakeBomb is the province’s newest ready-to-drink hard seltzer and has already broken a record on its journey to the public, boasting one of the shortest time spans — less than seven months — from being produced to its appearance on the shelves of the province’s biggest liquor retailer.

It’s bringing some explosive personality back into a time-worn beverage category that could use a little bit of tasty disruption.

The colourful cans, which come in Lime Drop, Berry Blast and Peach Smash varieties, are also the first sake-based drinks of their kind in all of Canada, offering a totally new experience that you’re definitely going to want to try out.

SakeBomb is not only unique because of its recipe and base, but also because of the fact that it’s only 90 calories per can, with just one gram of sugar. Don’t worry though, the SakeBomb still packs some huge flavour that doesn’t taste cheap and fake like other low-cal seltzers — in fact, it takes the category to a new level.

As the first Sake-based hard seltzer available in the province, it’ll pair great with summer snacks and food thanks to its robust natural base notes.

Delicious and affordable — with the added low-calorie perk that won’t get in the way of your fitness goals — SakeBomb may just become your new go-to for summer.

Follow SakeBomb on Instagram, and head to your nearest BCLIQUOR to pick up a party pack of SakeBombs for your next event to be the star of the friend group.

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