New BC-made beverage combines vodka, glacial water, and electrolytes

Jun 30 2020, 6:11 pm

There are so many things that make summer worth looking forward to: long days on the beach, pink sunsets, evenings on the patio with friends, and impromptu trips to the cottage, to name just a few.

As every true Canadian knows, summers here are criminally short-lived, which means every moment needs to be soaked up and savoured to its fullest extent.

Naturally, many of these activities will involve (and be elevated by) summer drinks in the sun. After all, little is more refreshing than a cold drink on a hot, sweaty day. And, now, with Sole Vodka’s new line of electrolyte-infused vodka beverages, enjoying yourself doesn’t necessarily need to involve some of the less enjoyable aspects of letting loose.

The bubble-free beverage is the first of its kind in North America and was developed by athletes, for athletes – but it’s intended for anyone who’s looking for an easier and smoother drinking experience. Their goal was to create a lighter alternative to the sugary, high-carb beverages that mostly fill the shelves today.

So, what exactly is it that makes Sole Vodka different? By removing the carbonation, the founders have included a full serving of water in every can, while the added marine magnesium (a form of electrolyte) is intended to help you to maintain your electrolytes while drinking. Not to mention, a bubble-free beverage will eliminate any bloating you’d normally get from other carbonated drinks.


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To put it simply, the beverage helps reverse some of the unwanted side effects of alcohol consumption by helping prevent dehydration and loss of electrolytes. Sole Vodka suggests that this can help reduce fatigue, maintain regular fluid levels, and minimize muscle cramping.

If we had to describe it in three words: perfect for summer.

So, not only can you stay fit and kick your boots off for a little fun in the sun, but you can also feel good about supporting local since the company was proudly founded in Langley, BC.

The team’s original goal was to capitalize on all the benefits of a bubble-free, electrolyte-infused drink — without sacrificing any of the taste. The initial launch kicked-off with three unique flavours: Blood Orange, Lemon Blackberry, and Pineapple.

Each flavour is easy to drink and contains natural flavouring, premium vodka, and British Columbia–sourced glacial water. The flavours are subtle and range from sweet (Pineapple), bitter-sour (Blood Orange), and sweet-tart (Lemon Blackberry) for a balanced roster of options.

These beverages can currently be found in 30+ stores throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver area, with a few stores sprinkled throughout Vancouver Island and the Interior. Check-out locations close to you to see where you can find your Sole.

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