$13 million BC Lotto Max winner having winning date tattooed on her arm

Apr 1 2021, 7:35 pm

British Columbia’s newest Lotto Max Jackpot winner won’t forget her recent win anytime soon — in fact, it’ll be permanently etched on her arm.

Tammy Manning of McBride, BC, won the March 19 draw for a whopping $13 million jackpot. As part of her celebration, she’s having the winning date tattooed on her arm — by her son, who’s a tattoo artist.

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Tammy Manning of McBride, BC is the latest Lotto Max Jackpot winner.

Manning purchased the winning ticket from a Husky/Esso in McBridge, and hers was the only ticket across Canada to match all seven numbers of the draw.

“I went to the Husky that I always go to and the retailer knows who I am,” she said in a release. “I checked the ticket on the self-checker and suddenly the amount appeared across the screen.”

“I just didn’t believe it and kept saying ‘No!’ to myself. I had to have the retailer check the ticket on his machine.”

Amber Bhaskar, an employee at the Husky/Esso noted that Manning is “a loyal customer” and says that she’s “really happy to see somebody winning from the local town.”

As far as other celebrations go, Manning says that she’ll be paying off her house and purchasing a property in the Caribbean, as well as a sailboat for her and her partner to enjoy. She’ll also be gifting some of the money to her family.

“It feels so good that I’m able to help and do something good with it,” Manning said. “This will change my life and it means I can retire and can help those close to me.”

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