Opinion: B.C. Liberal's platform on transportation

Dec 19 2017, 7:29 am

As part of the B.C. Jobs Plan, the B.C. Liberals introduced the Pacific Gateway Transportation Strategy, which will facilitate the movement of goods and people in response to our growing trade with Asia. Beyond the Pacific Gateway Strategy, the B.C. Liberals have invested 15 billion in transportation infrastructure resulting in the construction of numerous transportation projects including the Canada Line, Sea to Sky Highway, Evergreen Line, South Fraser Perimeter Road and the replacement of the Port Mann Bridge.

The decision by the B.C. Liberals to use the P3 model to develop transportation infrastructure resulted in the completion of these projects on time and under budget. As opposed to the NDP transportation projects, which were completed late and exponentially over-budget. In the case of the Vancouver Island Highway, it was half a billion over budget by the time it was completed mainly due to the fact the NDP created legislation requiring projects over 250,000 to be completed by unionized companies even if it meant it would cost more.  The Millennium Line commissioned by the NDP during the 1990s was delivered late, over budget and it only made stops in NDP held ridings.

But the dismal record of the NDP in transportation doesn’t end there, their attempt to revitalize the ship building industry in Western Canada and build more inefficient ferries resulted in the B.C. Ferries fiasco. At the beginning of the fast ferry project the NDP claimed it would only cost 70 million, the final cost of the fast ferries was 453 million. They were an abject failure and were last seen on a barge heading toward Abu Dhabi.

When it comes to transportation, the NDP don’t even have a plan (just like everything else). Their record compared to the BC Liberals is abysmal and is plagued with cost overruns and delays. The B.C. Liberals have invested in dozens of transportation projects that allow people to move across this province with less congestion and our goods can get to the market unimpeded.


Written by a guestcontributor to Vancity Buzz.


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