BC Election 2017: Recount in some ridings may be inevitable

May 10 2017, 6:37 am

With the BC election results so tight, a recount in the closest ridings may take place, and there are a couple ways this can play out, according to Elections BC. 

Recount of the original count

As part of the final count, the District Election Officer can recount some or all of the ballots that are part of the initial count.

As well, a candidate or official agent of a candidate can request a recount. The recount request must be made within three days of General Voting Day.

However, a recount request can only be made if the vote difference between the top two candidates is 100 votes or fewer, or if it’s possible errors were made in the voting process.

Judicial recount

According to Elections BC,  the District Electoral Officer can also make an application for a judicial recount if they feel that errors were made in the “acceptance or rejection of certification envelopes or ballots, or if the ballot count is not correct.”

A judicial recount is conducted by the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Tie vote

If there is a tie vote, or if the difference between the first two candidates is less than 1/500 of the total ballots considered, the District Electoral Officer must apply for the judicial recount.

The recount must take place within six days after the official results are announced following the final count.