Clark, Horgan, and Weaver react to BC election results so far

May 10 2017, 8:22 pm

A day after the BC Liberals claimed a projected minority government, all three party leaders have been reacting to the BC election results so far.

As it stands, in an election too close to call, no one can form government, since Parliament is hung pending recounts and the counting of absentee votes.

The BC Liberals currently hold 43 seats, the BC NDP hold 41, and BC Greens hold 3.

Christy Clark: The voters are never wrong

BC Liberal leader Christy Clark offered her thoughts on the results during a Wednesday morning press conference in Vancouver.

“I never thought it would be anything but a really, really tough election,” she said.“People clearly wanted to see us work together with other parties.”

Commenting on the closeness of the race, Clark quipped that “the voters are never wrong,” and that British Columbians “want us to do business differently in the legislature.”

The Liberals, she said, “intend to do that.”

She agreed that the results would see a change in Victoria, but added that it’s also an opportunity to “change the kind of dialogue we have in British Columbia.”

For her part, Clark said she intends “to lead that change.”

This includes working with other parties as well.

“I’m talking about working together,” she said. “To me, that means genuinely listening and finding common grounds across party lines.”

John Horgan: It’s not over until it’s over

Meanwhile, BC NDP leader John Horgan had a message for his party and for BC: It’s not over until it’s over.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference in Vancouver on Wednesday afternoon, Horgan said he was “excited” about the campaign his party ran.

“About 60% of those who cast ballots yesterday voted for a change,” he said. “The majority of MLAs elected last night are not BC Liberals.”

Horgan noted that there are still about 176,000 votes that still need to be counted and said he can’t wait to see the final results on May 24.

In the meantime, Horgan said, he’s reached out to both political party leaders and congratulated them on their team’s efforts.

Asked about the possibility of working with other parties, Horgan said he’s “prepared to work with anyone who wants to make life better for British Columbians.”

Responding to questions about whether any of his party may be poached by the BC Liberals or decide to cross the floor, Horgan said he’s “not at all concerned about our group.”

The BC NDP’s campaign, he added was “always about making commitments to the people,” and that commitment is where his focus lies.

“My focus is on the people of British Columbia,” Horgan concluded.

Andrew Weaver: We understand what compromise means

A short time later on Wednesday afternoon, BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver spoke with media in Victoria.

“I’m excited about the potential of actually changing politics in British Columbia,” he said. “We know that we inspire people to vote for something, not against something.”

Weaver said that looking ahead, “the single most important thing to do is ensure good public policy is put forward.”

He also reiterated that “big money needs to be taken out of BC politics.”

If this takes negotiation with other parties, then so be it. “We understand what compromise means,” he added.

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