Speak out against B.C.'s draconian liquor laws: it's time for reform!

Dec 19 2017, 8:23 am

On Saturday, September 14th, the government launched a website for public input on liquor policy. For the first time in recent memory, the provincial government is listening to the public to formulate its comprehensive review of B.C.’s liquor laws.

To be clear, this is the first time that the B.C. government is hearing public opinion on liquor in DECADES, and it will likely be the only time for another decade or two.

The problem is that in less than 3 months, the government is taking input from dozens of stakeholder groups, 9,900 licensees, and of course many more from the public. As one can imagine, the task of compiling and distilling these inputs into policy recommendations is very challenging.

To make our collective voices more pronounced, the Campaign for Culture, B.C.’s grassroots campaign to modernize our liquor regulations, has put together a letter that you can send outlining the most archaic areas of our liquor laws. You can simply fill out your info and an email will be sent to John Yap on your behalf. Sign your name here!

You can lend your support to the issues Campaign for Culture has been pushing for including:

If you have more thoughts on how to improve our liquor laws you can voice them by:

  1. tweeting your thoughts to MLA @John_Yap using the #bcliquor hashtag.
  2. visit the government’s liquor consultation website.


* The Campaign for Culture is an independent grassroots organization which has advocated for progressive liquor policy since August 2012. Our goal is to enhance the social and cultural fabric of BC through more sensible liquor laws. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter @CultureBC.