5 activities to put your adult on pause this weekend

Aug 24 2017, 6:02 am

Nobody really pre-warns you for the realities of adulting.

You’ve got all this serious stuff to take care of like paying the mortgage, buying groceries, cooking several meals a day, and the list goes on.

But even though you’re an adult you don’t need to act like one 24/7. Letting your hair down and doing ridiculously fun things can still bring you insurmountable joy.

Chances are you’re partial to doing cartwheels, skipping down the street, and singing in the rain. And the truth is it’s these kinds of things that keep your spirit young, when you let yourself be a little silly.

This weekend why not put your adult on pause for the sheer fun of it? We’ve compiled a list of five things you can do that are guaranteed to have an epic time.

Go to an escape room

If you’re a lover of all things entertainment then you need to visit The Getaway Escape Room. BC Dairy‘s Milk division has created an escape room that focuses on escaping the responsibilities of adulthood. Once inside, you’ll have 45 minutes with your team (of up to eight players) to do all your chores, deal with technology, and cope with traffic, to finally get away from adulting, at least for a little while.

Go along to this free event with your friends and have a blast as you can work together to uncover clues to solve a variety of brain teasing puzzles. Once you finish playing, share stories and enjoy some complementary milk and cookies with your team. A leaderboard will be posted online and you can check out Instagram to see how other teams have fared out.

When: September 1 to 12 2017. Daily bookings from 12 to 7 pm
Where: Little Mountain Shop – 4386 Main Street
Price: Free – Reserve your spot online

Hit up a go-karting track

Go kart/Shutterstock

Usually commuting is fuelled with frustrations such as traffic jams, screaming kids in the back seats, and a lot of traffic lights. Instead, enjoy the fun side of driving– zip through a go-kart track! There is a plethora of options available to you in and around the city. And you can choose between fast-paced indoor tracks or moderate outdoor tracks where you can speed around an area where you won’t get a ticketed. Epic.

Go camping


It’s still warm enough to go camping and there is an abundance of national parks to choose from in BC –  so why not go for it this weekend? All you need is your tent, a sleeping bag, a camping mat, some bug repellant, and a smile on your face. Sleep under the stars and fall in love with the beauty of nature. You could even bring a torch and tell some spooky ghost stories, because… well, why not?

Visit an amusement park


Let’s be real – you can’t beat fairground rides that take you up, down, and on a whirlwind spin. Hit up an amusement park this weekend and getting on some of the craziest rides to let your youthful spirit beam bright. We’re talking rollercoasters with plummeting drops, sticky wall rides, drop zones, and everything in between. Either way you’ll enjoy the adrenaline rush you experience each time and you’ll be laughing a lot.

Bake cookies

Even if you don’t consider your baking skills to be on par with Betty Crocker’s, nothing beats a house filled with that cozy, sweet aroma. Get a simple recipe online or attempt making your own cookie dough from scratch. The best part about this is that you can load up the cookies with extra chocolate and nobody will tell you that’s not cool. Indulge in your delicious creations moments after they leave the oven and pair them with a cold glass of milk. Dunk away, friends!

The Getaway Escape Room is brought to you by BC Dairy‘s Milk division. The live action experience is taking place as part of Milk’s ‘put your adult on pause’ promotion. To get the latest updates and to stay in the know check out BC Dairy on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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