Vancouver hospital roasted over "absurd" tweet about appointments

Apr 27 2023, 9:26 pm

A tweet from BC Children’s Hospital, which suggests people rebook their appointments if they or their child is feeling sick, has sparked outrage and confusion online. 

The tweet reads, “Not feeling great? Your appointment can wait. If you or your child are coming to one of our clinics but are feeling sick, please call and rebook your appointment for when you are well. Thanks for helping keep our patients and staff safe and healthy.”

The message from BC Children’s Hospital’s Twitter account was shared Monday morning and has since received over 1,200 quote tweets and more than 1,300 comments as of Thursday afternoon. 

So it’s fair to say, this tweet did not go down smoothly with the public. 

Many simply asked, “What?” as some were confused by the messaging.

Another person asked, “Did you use AI to write this!?!?”

Others responded with outrage and attempted to correct the hospital on its tweet. 

Meanwhile, there were many others that poked fun at the tweet.

Amid the conversation, some folks who were also frustrated over the tweet also brought up the province’s decision to drop the mask mandate in healthcare facilities.

One person for example said, “Somehow it’s easier to tell sick people to stay home than to ask them to wear masks to prevent infection.”

Another person said they were in favour of bringing masks back, saying, “Maybe everyone could wear masks again — just to be extra careful and safe.”

According to a statement from the ministry earlier this month, BC has seen a drop in “all respiratory viruses.”

The province said that reality means it can “move forward with confidence in removing some of the measures that were in place.”

Sarah Bell, chief operating officer of BC Children’s Hospital, clarified that sick patients should rebook their routine for non-urgent appointments within outpatient clinics.

“If parents or children are feeling unwell with viral symptoms – these can include fever, cough, runny nose, vomiting or diarrhea – they should call the clinic they have the appointment with to determine if it should be postponed. A doctor or nurse will provide guidance,” the statement reads.

For urgent outpatient appointments, “families should still come even if they are sick,” Bell said.

In this case, families should just let the staff know of any symptoms and wear a if they are able to when they are inside the hospital.

“BC Children’s Hospital will always provide care to children and families who need us. Our hospital continues to provide 24/7 emergency care for babies, children and youth who are sick or injured,” the statement added.

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