Bagpiper on Ironworkers Bridge regales traffic in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Jun 9 2017, 12:31 am

Just when you thought a traffic jam couldn’t get any worse… a bagpiper turns up. Yes, seriously.

And Drive BC posted a screenshot of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge on Twitter on Wednesday as proof.

(The correction is due to fact they had tweeted the photo before with the wrong sidewalk named. Attention to detail is paramount in all bagpiping situations obviously.)

So who is this mysterious bagpiper? Well, it turns out it’s Twitter user @DoveDruid, otherwise known as Callum Mathers, who fessed up soon after.

Clearly fans of bagpipe music, the folks at Drive BC were thrilled to hear from Mathers.

Judging by his Twitter feed, this isn’t the first time Mathers has bagpiped his way around a local landmark.

He’s piped on top of the Chief:

In Dude Chilling Park:

And played Celtic music on the seawall:

Well, whatever your musical preference – we salute you, sir!

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