Badminton Brawl at Richmond Oval, caught on video

So much for sportsmanlike conduct. Two former badminton doubles partners from Thailand broke out into a brawl during the Canada Open, held at the Richmond Oval on Sunday.

Just as they were changing ends in the Open’s doubles final, a Thai competitor (Bodin Issara) threw punches at his former partner (Maneepong Jongit), and chased him onto the next court. Earlier in the match, a referee had given the two players a warning following an inappropriate exchange of words.

The attacked player was also hit with a badminton racket and received stitches for his injuries. The referee awarded him and his partner victory after showing a black card to the aggressive former partner. The Badminton World Federation is investigating the incident. No criminal charges have been laid at this time.

The two former partners were among the top-ranked doubles badminton players in the world and competed at the London 2012 Olympics, reaching the quarter-finals before being ousted.

[youtube id=”Me0oNfMfRTE” align=”center”]