Student life: How to help your wallet survive this season

Sep 7 2018, 2:23 am

Whether you’re going back to university, starting a new program, a new job, or even moving to a new city, it’s a cause for celebration — and, potentially, a lifestyle overhaul.

Of course, no matter what you’re working towards during this back-to-school season, you want to be fully prepared. This means looking the part in stylish wardrobe staples, AND having the right book bag and the latest tech accessories. But, on the flipside, the last thing you want to do is leave yourself broke as a result of leaning a bit too hard into your shopping spree.

Setting a budget and shopping savvy can help your wallet survive the first semester. To help you get there, we’ve rounded up some tips and tricks on how to save. From end-of-season sales to transit deals and exciting new offers from AIR MILES and Samsung Pay, we want you to be book and budget-smart this season!

Use your AIR MILES card through Samsung Pay to get Miles


Okay, so if you’re not already an AIR MILES Collector, you’re going to want to become one ASAP. You’ll basically be rewarding yourself when you go shopping for school because the AIR MILES Reward Program and Samsung Canada have two new offers that give Collectors access to more Miles faster.

From now until December 31, you can take advantage of these amazing deals just in time for the busy fall season. Right now, you can get 50 AIR MILES when you link your AIR MILES Account to your SamsungPay account, and get 5 Miles when you use your AIR MILES Card via SamsungPay (limit of five times per week).

Savvy shopper alert! This means you can rack up Miles (that you can then use for travel, merchandise, and more) when making your everyday purchases at AIR MILES Partner retailers with your SamsungPay account.

It’s time to treat yourself and get something back — all within your budget!

Look for end-of-summer sales


If you want to be savvy this semester and keep some money in your budget for going out, ordering pizza at 12 am, and generally living your best life, shopping smart starts now. We’re not saying you should turn into a bargain basement hunter, but you can look out for end-of-summer sales where you’ll score deals that you won’t find in November.

Buy a monthly transit pass

Girl on transit/Shutterstock

If you’re going to be taking transit to and from university each day and using it again at the weekend, why not consider buying a monthly transit pass? You could be saving money by buying a monthly pass in advance, and you don’t have to worry about having change with you every time you take the bus. Pro tip: See if you can get a student rate while you’re at it!

Interrogate your new classmates for tips and deals


There are always a couple of people who really have their ear to the ground when it comes to finding the best deals in the city. Whether it’s a $2.50 slice of pizza, the best place to get nachos, or the more affordable ping-pong bar in town — talk to your classmates and find out where the best deals are. It will help you stay within your budget as a result!

Reduce grocery costs

Grocery shopping/Shutterstock

Grocery shopping is one of those lovely adult tasks that you have to as a student. Of course, you want to maintain a healthy diet and not live off $2 instant noodles every single day. That’s where local grocery store deals come in. Look out for special offers when you shop at the likes of Metro, Sobeys, Thrifty Foods, Safeway, and IGA. Your wallet will thank you next semester.

Look out for offers and freebies


You’ll always find a promotion or two happening on campus. Oftentimes, brands will be giving away free coffee, packages of instant pasta, snack bars, notepads, pens, and even some tasty snacks. Plus, the campus convenience store and often bookstore almost always have special offers. Staying within your budget is simple when you have fewer expenses, so if you’re a student, make the most of the on-campus freebies while you can!

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