B.C. Olympian Justin Kripps' website blocked in Russia for 'LGBT material'

Dec 19 2017, 9:38 am

Russia’s recently passed anti-gay ‘propaganda’ legislation laws could be preventing B.C. bobsledder Justin Kripps from accessing his personal website at the Olympic host region near Sochi.

Late last week, Kripps tweeted a screenshot of what he saw when he tried to access his website from Russia – a error message appears saying it has been blocked because of a breach in legislation. “Looks like my website is censored in Russia, haha classic #SochiProblems I wonder if there’s a camera in my room,” he tweeted.


Others who are in Russia had the same result when they attempted to access www.justinkripps.ca.

The censorship of the Summerland, B.C. native’s website comes after the January 17 posting of a photo with Kripps and his teammates on the Canadian four-man bobsled team posing in their underwear while standing inside their bobsled.

The photo, which some say is homoerotic but was done in jest, might have been ‘too gay’ for Russian authorities. The photo went viral on social media and entertainment websites during the weeks after.