B.C. government to crack down on slow drivers in left passing lane

Dec 19 2017, 2:12 pm

The provincial government will introduce legislation this spring to penalize slow drivers in the left lane.

Transportation Minister Todd Stone hopes to provide local law enforcement officers with more powers to crack down on drivers who drive slowly in the left lane, CKNW reports.

Studies show that using the left lane for regular road movements instead of solely for passing can cause other vehicles to slow down, which in turn creates traffic congestion. This is particularly the case when there are equally slow drivers in both the the left and right lanes blocking traffic behind from passing through.

Furthermore, slow driving on the passing lane increases the chance of accidents. When normal drivers become frustrated and decide to bypass the slow driver in the left lane, they slow down and weave in and out of lanes.

The “keep right unless passing” rule is meant to allow fast drivers to pass several vehicles at a single time without having to slow down and change lanes. However, it is not widely understood and practiced by drivers.

The proposed legislation is a response to recommendations made in the Ministry of Transportation’s recent Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review.

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