Awareness Pose

Dec 19 2017, 5:02 am

Suffice it to say, I believe most people understand the importance of spinal health to some degree. Bad posture shows up in your body in the form of lower back, shoulder and neck pain as well as ‘tension’ headaches. Today I give you an awareness pose. This pose is for everyone and anyone. If you sit all day take a minute to correct your posture and try out this awareness; and if you stand or are on the go all the day take a minute to sit down and practice this awareness. This is also great to practice if you are a beginner to the yoga scene as this awareness is consistent in throughout yoga poses. For further information and help on correcting your posture be sure to give Dr. Bryson Chow a call.

Head Awareness

• Sitting on the edge of a chair (hard edge) be aware of the sit bones as the “feet” of the pose
• The feet are hip width apart and the knees are in line with the ankles
• On the inhalation lengthen the front of the torso by rolling the shoulders back and gently lifting the sternum with awareness of the wide shoulder girdle
• Let the arms hang by the sides as this helps draw the shoulders down, stay here 2 minutes
• With the eyes softly focused on the horizon, on the exhalation, turn the head to the left
• If you keep the eyes on the horizon while turning the head you will ensure the neck remains on the horizontal plane
• Go to the place where you feel the neck muscles engaged without strain – Breathe
• Hold for about 5 seconds and on the exhalation release to the center
• Repeat to the right
• This neck awareness is consistent throughout yoga poses

• Corrects posture
• Builds strength in the upper back
• Strengthens and stretches the neck safely

• do not practice this pose if you have an acute condition in the neck, although this awareness is excellent at addressing chronic neck problems.

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