A&W's one-time "Float-Thru" lane delights Penticton swimmers (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 4:55 pm

Burger chain A&W has brought back their beloved “trainee” character Ryan with a splash, and are claiming to have operated the world’s first “float-thru” restaurant with a video they shot recently in the Okanagan.

The character of the trainee is played by actor Ryan Beil, who is seen in this new video tossing burgers out to people floating by on a Penticton river, as well as offering some treats to floating non-humans (i.e. ducks). The surprised river-goers were thrilled with the free eats.

A&W Canada

A&W Canada

The “float thru” was complete with a parody drive thru order speaker box to “place your order” and directional signage notifying floaters to pull over in nautical miles.

While Beil is back (and supposedly to thank for dreaming up the “float-thru”), sadly this was a one-time stunt, so don’t expect a free Teen Burger being thrown at you if you’re planning to hit up Penticton any time soon.

A&W Float ThruWorld’s first float thru. It had to happen. #awwwyeah

Posted by A&W Canada on Monday, August 17, 2015


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