Avicii Show Preview

The artist electrifying the PNE Coliseum come this Friday goes by many names. Of them, Tim Berg, Tom Hangs and Ashwin spring to mind. However, you probably know him best by his stage name: “Avicii.”

“With EDM growing at such a rapid rate, the shows are getting bigger, and the crowds larger, and it’s not just club gigs anymore, it’s concerts. People attending the events do it for a full experience, and not only for the music.” That was Avicii’s quote in a popular magazine – “DJ MAG” last year when he managed to nab the 6th spot among the 100 top DJ’s in the world – and his words seem to provide a perfect backdrop as to what will transpire this Friday night. Already having gotten superb feedback on his current tour for his state of the art light show, special effects  such as holograms and displays, and overall audience participation, it is safe to say that Avicii fans in Vancouver will not be judging his act just on his musical talents.

However, if you were planning to attend solely for the music, tuning out the extra bells and whistles in his performance, then you will not be disappointed either. Having already worked with huge international DJ’s like David Guetta and Tiesto, and after releasing such smash hits as “Bromance”, “Levels” and “My Feelings For You” among countless others, Avicii comes battle tested and ready to prove to Vancouverites that he deserves to move into the top 5 in the DJ Mag rankings this year.

Expect his show to be filled with a heavy dose of pulsating bass, synchronized melodies and some catchy hooks to really get you thinking: “I can’t get that track out of my head!” The PNE Coliseum provides a perfect forum for Avicii to showcase his talents – a large area of space where fans will be able to really soak in the screams, whistles and lights as they dance in sync to one of the hottest DJ’s right now. Make sure to get there early to avoid lineups. We are looking forward to this epic Blueprint show!




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Written by: Jon Davidescu and Farzad Kasad from @Cascadiarecords