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Dec 19 2017, 9:19 am

While many people often choose between being an author, traveler, backpacker, poet, philosopher, professional skateboarder, or coach, Sean Michael Hayes has simply decided to become them all. 
Born and raised in Vancouver, Sean’s resume is missing nothing but “superhero.” A matter of fact, he has so many accomplishments that to understand the gravity of them all, he needs a list:

Sean has…

  • Been a Member and national medalist for the Whistler Mountain ski team.
  • Key advocate and consultant for development of Tsawwassen skateboard park
  • He has been on the cover of SBC (Skateboard Canada) twice, and is the only person to have two covers.
  • His first sponsor was Vancouver based skateboarding clothing company, Red Dragon Clothing.
  • He toured from coast to coast across Canada doing skateboarding demonstrations.
  • Then, just because, he decided to attend Douglas College.
  • Gone on to be the Team Manager for Quiksilver/DC Shoes Canada before getting hired by Plan B Skateboards and moving to San Diego, California.


And while most would want to kick up their feet and soak in the California sun, throw a few photo’s up on Instagram and call it a life, Sean thought to himself, “what’s next?” Well a book of course!

That’s right, there are three people in this world: those who say, those who do, and then Sean, who has done.

In two years, Sean has traveled to Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Peru, and everywhere else in between. His travels, involvement with sports, global awareness and overall awesome life has inspired his insightful writing. Now he is using social media, the tool of our generation, to connect readers to his project and help girls and boys meet the world.

Fun fact: At 25 years old Sean made $100,000, although he says sunsets make him smile more than any paycheck did. What a guy! He eventually walked away from that job into said sunset, and has never looked back.

In an interview with Sean says that he has been “waiting to release my work to the public in a strategic way and I did exactly what I wanted with my Kickstarter project.”

[youtube id=”VkEV4BKX7wk” align=”center”]

Sean will be releasing three books, the first, “Five Weeks in the Amazon,” is a story of self-discovery and adventure travel into the Amazon Jungle.

Fun fact: Sean randomly left his entire life behind and went alone to Peru to live with a Shaman for 5 weeks in search of answers to life. Personally, I find wine cheaper.

The second book “Beyond Ataraxia,” is a philosophical discussion on human life, happiness, love, suffering, and what our “soul” really is.

You know, typical human stuff.

Then comes “Zenega” which is a collection of his favorite poems, because naturally Sean has been writing and collecting poetry for over a decade from all over the world.

So whether you want to date Sean or be Sean, the truth is that supporting him may be the closest you will get to either. His stories are about pursuing his dreams and encouraging you to do the same, all the while soul searching. So check out the links below and then go try to figure out what rhymes with purple.

Sean’s Website:
Kickstarter page:
Twitter/Facebook/Insta: @canadianhayes

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