Opinion: 16 things you only know if you're an Aussie living in Vancouver

Apr 28 2017, 10:41 pm

With files from our token office Aussie Sabrina Kluba. 

While it may sit on—literally—the other side of the world, Vancouver is a great place for Australians to travel/move to, and vice-versa for Vancouverites.

The close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the generally friendliness of complete strangers, its panoramic landscapes, and affinity for grabbing a pint all contribute to its familiar feel.

Nevertheless there are a few things that are a clear contrast for Australians living on the West Coast.

Here’s a few struggles that you’ll only know if you’re an Aussie living in Vancouver.

What is with this “sleeve” business?

A sleeve is generally considered to be around 12-16 oz (National Beers/Facebook)

Either give me a middy, a schooner, or a pint, and get lost with this sleeve nonsense.

And make it a real pint while you’re at it!

A man and his beer (g-stockstudio/Shutterstock)

A full 20 oz makes for a “true” pint (g-stockstudio/Shutterstock)

If I can get four pints out of a jug of beer, those glasses aren’t nearly big enough!

Varying wine glass sizes = way too easy to get loose

You know what? Just leave the bottle at the table (Aleksei Lazukov/Shutterstock)

Those 9 oz. wine glasses come back with a vengeance the next morning. Might as well have just split the bottle.

And get a handle on the coffee quality over here

coffee day

It’s amazing how the vast the coffee quality spectrum can be (sergey causelove/Shutterstock)

Granted, there are some good spots in Vancouver that offer coffee that can be considered actual coffee, but they are too few and far between.

Forget brunch, it’s brekkie

Eating breakfast food in the a.m.? Yeah that’s probably just breakfast (Hanna McLean/Daily Hive)

North American’s love their brunch, but I’ll stick to calling any meal before lunch brekkie, please and thank you. Vancouver is also quite lacking in avo toasts and breakfast buddha bowls, it seems.

And what is with this bacon?

Okay, if this many came on the plate, that would be fine (Bacon/Shutterstock)

It’s just so… crispy. And salty. And two small strips should not be considered a legitimate source of protein for a breakfast plate!

Is it warm out? I can’t tell

We’ll get to this point soon enough, Vancouver. Just hold your horses until then (solominviktor/Shutterstock)

I get that it’s colder this far north, but breaking out the shorts and flip flops as soon as the sun shows its face is a tad aggressive.

Vancouverites, you’re not as bad at driving as you think you are

Maybe there’s something to this whole “driving on the right side of the road” thing (Kenneth Chan / Daily Hive)

That’s not to say you’re all fit to get behind the wheel on a racetrack, but compared to Sydney? Not bad in the least.

How is Vegemite not a thing here


Honestly, who needs peanut butter or Nutella when you’ve got Vegemite? (PageSeven/Shutterstock)

Seriously, grocery stores, stock up. There’s a lot of Australians in Vancouver, and supply has got to meet demand.

Cheese should not be orange

cheddar cheese (HandmadePictures/Shutterstock)

Why orange, anyway? (HandmadePictures/Shutterstock)

What do they have to do to those poor cows to make it that colour?

Over the counter tipping? Really?

tip jar (Smiley.Dog/Shutterstock)

Okay, sometimes what they write on the tip jar warrants a bit of change (Smiley.Dog/Shutterstock)

Sorry, barista/takeout delivery cashier/sandwich shop clerk, but asking for a tip on that 10 second exchanging of funds for goods is just not going to fly.

But splitting bills is genius

woman paying in restaurant

I thought I would be done with math once I finished high school (Anchiy/Shutterstock)

Never having to do the mental math in your head, or accidentally paying for the three extra drinks that your mate’s mate ordered (who said he would “get you back.” Sure you will, pal) because you can just ask for separate bills is entirely fine by my books.

Get those logs off of the beach!

No one even sits on them! (Shutterstock)

Who put them there? Have they always been there? There’s no way that placement is natural. Wouldn’t you prefer just, you know, SAND on your beaches?

And get out of that freezing water

Polar Bear swim club at English Bay, January 1, 1957 (Province Newspaper via Vancouver Public Library)

It’s like the shorts and sandals thing all over again. Except in only swim shorts. And surrounded by ice water. Seriously, just wait until it warms up a bit!

Everything is so close

Vancouver Skyline

Walking distance = cheaper cab distance (Josef Hanus / Shutterstock)

You’ve got to love a city that is so water-locked it doesn’t even have the option to expand it’s downtown outwards. Everything is within walking distance!

And those mountains are gorgeous

Vancouver Skyline

A beautiful backdrop for a beautiful city (Hannamariah / Shutterstock)

How am I supposed to get any work done when I can glance outside and stare at those gigantic green mountains?

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