Drive these flashy Audi S models for yourself

Jun 16 2016, 4:00 pm

Hop into a new Audi S model and you’ll find yourself cruising down the road in a brilliantly designed ride.

These luxury supercars look and drive fantastically everywhere you go, perfect for breezing down the streets in the sunshine and under a bright blue sky.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, take a look below at some of the S models that you can drive for yourself at Audi Capilano. Once you’ve experienced these wheels for yourself you’ll want to take advantage of the 72-hour sale event until this Saturday, June 18 only. You can upgrade your Audi to an S model and score a $2000 performance credit, complementary Audi care, and much more.

Audi SQ5

Image: Audi SQ5

Image: Audi SQ5

Style and strength. The Audi SQ 5 offers 346 lb-ft of torque and breezes down the road with its quick-shifting eight-speed transmission. With every great supercar comes high quality wheels, these ones being 20 inches with a cabin complete with leather and striking sports seats. The steering reacts quickly to the brakes and is ultra maneuverable.

S6 Sedan

Expect an elegant design paired with intense power – a 450 hp, a seven speed dual clutch automatic and more. The engine is complete with cylinder deactivation to maximize fuel and you’ll get all-wheel drive that helps you blast through any type of weather.

Audi S4 Sedan

Sporty and stylish, the S4 sedan is powered by a 333-hp V-6.  You can get it in automatic or standard. You’ll enjoy both the interior and exterior styling.

Audi S7 Sportback

Power, technology, and a sleek design all in one. The posh interior comes complete with tons of tech and entertainment options and super comfy seats. This is definitely a luxury car you’ll enjoy driving to all your favourite places.

Audi S8 plus

This one has so many hidden features, you won’t understand its innovation until you’ve driven it for yourself. But why the plus? It’s loaded with a twin turbo V-8 that makes 605 hp even better than before. Add onto that the all-wheel drive system and you’ve found yourself a car that has every single feature you’ve ever wanted.

Show up to the Audi Capilano 72-hour sales event and you can get the following:

  • Lease rates starting from 0.9%
  • Finance rates starting from 0.9%
  • $2,000 Cash Rebate on SQ5 and S3
  • Score an event credit of up to $5,000
  • Complimentary Audi Care

Drive these models for yourself at Audi Capilano. Just book a test drive by calling 1-877-958-4712 and stay in the know via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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