Win big with Audi Downtown Vancouver's anniversary giveaway

Dec 19 2017, 9:02 pm

Perfect for the Vancouver lifestyle, Audis have become a household name for anyone with a work hard, play hard mentality.

Just look at the Audi A3, a firm favourite with millennials that can effortlessly whisk you from the office to the seawall in style.

But that’s just one of the options you’ll find at Audi Downtown Vancouver, which first opened its doors two years ago. To celebrate the milestone, Audi Downtown Vancouver is giving customers the opportunity to score massive savings on the car of their dreams, or win big in their latest luxury giveaway:

Guessing contest

Image: Capilano Audi

Image: Capilano Audi

This one’s easy: guess how many balloons are in this vehicle and submit your ballot inside Audi Downtown Vancouver. One lucky winner will receive a luxury trip to Whistler. You’ll get a hotel, Audi loan, and a dinner gift card so you can celebrate in style.

Score massive discounts

Image: Audi Downtown Vancouver

Image: Audi Downtown Vancouver

Audi Downtown Vancouver is celebrating its two year anniversary with discounts and bonuses to help you buy the car of your dreams. Walk into the store and chat with any sales representatives to find out how you can get up to $14,500 in savings plus an additional $1000 anniversary bonus.

Audi Downtown Vancouver

Where: 1788 West 2nd Avenue.

Call: Looking for inside advice? Call 604.733.5887 to weigh out your options.

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