Toronto's premium bubble tea purveyor is coming to Vancouver this month

Jul 9 2021, 9:00 am

Bubble tea is hands down one of our favourite treats to enjoy in Vancouver during the summer months (well, all seasons of the year, really). It’s customizable to suit your vibe on any given day, all while being beautifully Instagrammable.

This is standard bubble tea we’re talking about, so can you imagine what an elevated tea experience would be like? You don’t have to wait long to find out because Atealier by Chatime, a sister brand of bubble tea franchise Chatime Canada, is bringing its premium, handcrafted tea experience to the city for a limited time.

Opening on Saturday, July 3, the 548 Robson Street pop-up is set to offer Vancouverites a taste of luxury bubble tea currently only available at the Toronto locations. And to make it even sweeter, you can snap up a grand opening promotion unique to Vancouver (more on that in a moment) until July 17.

Atealier by Chatime has a careful approach to craftsmanship that’s rooted in tradition and modernity, offering bubble tea enthusiasts a selection of teas with something for every unique preference.

Its in-store experts do this by using state-of-the-art tea brewing technology and techniques to craft the most delightful, premium tea blends, which can be enjoyed in one of three delicious ways: teapresso, milk tea, or tea latte.

You can choose between premium handmade toppings like matcha pudding (yum) or honey golden pearls (also yum) to customize your drink further and opt for any of the healthier alternatives on the menu, if you like, including lactose-free milk, oat milk, cane sugar, or organic honey.

Atealier by Chatime is not your typical bubble provider, and its innovative menu options may have you raising the bar on what you expect from bubble tea. “Almost every drink is like art in a cup; superb aesthetics and absolutely tea-licious,” Roxanne Tsui, head of marketing and branding at Chatime, tells Daily Hive.

When asked what Atealier by Chatime is looking forward to most about opening its Robson Street pop-up, Tsui says it’s “sharing our passion for tea with Vancouverites” and continuing to “push the boundaries of bubble tea further than the city has seen before.”

She continues, “Nothing can stop the mainstream movement of boba.” As she spoke, it became abundantly clear Atealier by Chatime is on a mission to reinvent the tea experience for its customers in Vancouver with all new and exciting offerings.

This includes the grand opening promotion of a Trio Cup for $7 — a drink that sounds so good we’re scheduling a time in our calendars to go and try it ourselves.

During the grand opening period, you can stop by the pop-up to try three of Atealier by Chatime’s favourite drinks in this one cup (the ultimate grand opening offer).

Available while quantities last, this mega mixer includes the Brown Sugar Crème Brûlée with fresh milk, the bold London Fog tea latte with honey gold pearls, and the rich Honey Golden Onyx (all customized at half the sugar level).

Can you handle this all-star drink offering? If not, or you simply want to try something else when you visit the pop-up, Atealier by Chatime recently launched an exclusive collection of premium Cold Brew Ice Teas in three irresistible flavours: Fuji Apple, White Peach, and Rose Oolong.

Brewed and steeped in-house, each of the cold brew teas has prominent natural tea flavours and contains less caffeine than tea brewed with hot water, so you could easily order one in the evening and not have to worry about those dreaded caffeine jitters (phew).

The options for specialty drinks you can order at Atealier by Chatime are endless, from the sweet, floral Blue Sakura with Butterfly Pea Tea to the Mango Jade Green Tea with real mango purée to the Dirty Matcha with 100% premium Matsu matcha and a shot of organic espresso.

Fun fact: Atealier by Chatime is also doing its part to care for the environment by using compostable straws made from sugarcane.

Does Atealier by Chatime plan to have a permanent location in Vancouver in the future? “Definitely,” says Tsui. “We are always on the lookout for good locations. The idea of the pop-up is to see if Vancouver has an appetite for premium tea, which we believe they do!”

To see even more bubble tea creations before you visit the first-ever Atealier by Chatime pop-up in Vancouver, check out the premium tea destination on Instagram.

Atealier by Chatime Vancouver Grand Opening

When: July 3 to 17
Where: 548 Robson Street

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