Art World Expo 2014

Dec 19 2017, 10:14 am

For all you art enthusiasts out there, this is something you should definitely check out.

The Art World Expo is back once again at TELUS Science World and once again brings artists in all shapes and forms to wow the crowd.

I still remember my first time attending the Art World Expo last year and I didn’t know what to expect to be completely honest but in all honesty, I was blown away. Maybe also considering the fact that I love art and I love being surrounded in an environment that is just so filled with it. The aura is just incredible.

There was body art, dancing, music, paintings, feathers, jewellery, dresses, live shows and so much more. You can actually check out my coverage from last year following this link:

You can check out all the exhibitors following their website

 Among them are

 Wood Carver, Tim Motchman showcasing for his first time. He creates sculptures inspired by his love for nature

 Margaret Kitchen, Painter extraordinaire brings her artwork inspired by nature, landscapes and other scenes

 Denise Jones-Chu brings creative art that is made from ceramic buttons that are indeed wearable


Designer of Hive Mind Millinery, Dominique Hanke will be showcasing her designs in a very special fashion show

Credits for this lovely image:

Photographer: John Bello, Model: Jan van Vianen, Stylist: Margarita de la Cruz, Make Up: Vanessa Hooper

Hats by Dominique Hanke

As seen in Fierce Fairytale presented by Jan van Vianen 

Fine Art and Portrait Photographer, Rod Preston


Fiona Forbes, Television Host from The Rush also joins Art World Expo

 And you just CAN’T miss the awesome body painting competition.


Tickets are currently on sale, get the Early Bird prices while they last!

Event is on May 2nd

Time: 7.30 pm till 2 am

Venue: TELUS Science World 

Purchase tickets here: