5 artists to check out at this weekend's one-day only urban-pop art show (PHOTOS)

Sep 24 2016, 3:37 am

Names like Ola Volo, iHeart, Scott Sueme, Andrew Young, Stewart Stephenson, and national artists like Denial and Fucci are making an appearance on October 1 at the first Art Rapture show, an urban-pop exhibition promising a healthy dose of provocative, satirical, street, and awe-inspiring works of art.

Attendees will be able to purchase these works from more than 15 artists on a first come first served basis. The exhibition is divided into two parts: first crack tickets for the collectors looking to acquire a new piece of art from these renowned artists; and happy hour entrance for the ones looking to appreciate the art, socialize and enjoy a drink.

The event closes with an after party, the Get Lit! art party with live DJs and lots of dancing. Limited availability, so reserve your spot.

Here’s a recap of the artists headlining this event:


His work is bold, vibrant, colourful, and dynamic. The minimalist approach of his forms and the consistent colour palette, allow him to create pieces that result in “thought-provoking works that touch upon perversion with wit and unexpected sophistication.”

ingoodhands girlonthewall


His socially conscious, thought-provoking, satirical work has been exhibited around the world and his murals are located in the streets of cities like Dubai, Toronto, Miami, Chicago, and Detroit, amongst many others. His work is a critique of society and the things we are “in denial” of.

denial american expression

Image courtesy of Denial

Image: Art Rapture

Image: Art Rapture

Ola Volo

The characters in Ola’s stories live in dynamic environments. Her vibrant work can also be appreciated in public spaces on murals she has created herself or collaborations with other artists in multiple cities.

Sudbury Muralola volo x hayo


Born somewhere in western Canada, sometime in the late 80s, Vancouver artist iHeart has surprised more than one passerby with his stencil work hidden around the city. Given the nature of what he does, iHeart remains anonymous and claims he is “just a boy with ideas, opinions and a whole lot of aerosol.” iHeart’s social commentary plays with the viewers interpretation based on wether the work is seen online or in person.

ola volo x iheart

courtesy of Joanna Riquett


Courtesy of iHeart

Scott Sueme

His abstract and contemporary work has been presented in multiple exhibitions. Playing with solid colours and geometric shapes, Sueme looks into exploring the connection between communication, colour, pattern, and landscape.


Photo Joanna Riquett

Photo Joanna Riquett

Other artists include Michael Soltis, Kris Por, Jace Kim, Alex Guiry, Mark Ollinger, and more. To see the full lineup visit Art Rapture‘s website and reserve your spot to be able to attend the show!

Daily Hive Vancouver is a proud media sponsor of Art Rapture

Joanna RiquettJoanna Riquett

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