Art Battle Vancouver 2013

Dec 19 2017, 7:32 am

Looking for something fun and unique to do in Vancouver?  Ever wonder how a blank canvas is transformed with paint to become awash in creativity?  The leader in live painting performances, Art Battle Vancouver brings together two expressions rarely paired together; the art itself united with the art of competition.  Now run by a team led by local art legend and member of the Canadian Federation of Artists Bill Higginson; the monthly show is being revamped to incorporate a larger audience, better viewing areas, live DJ and comedian host Sunnee Daliwal, a live social media feed and the opportunity for you to share in the pure creative energy of the event.

Art Battle, in its second year in Vancouver, pits artists against each other in a spirited competition of twenty minute rounds. The twenty minute structure allows the artists just enough time to finish an artwork.

This competition brings a new style of viewing sensation. You’ll watch an artist begin with a blank canvas and within a short twinkling, see a finished piece ready to hang.  A developed artist has the ability to create a powerful, skillful piece in this short time frame. It is not for the faint hearted however.  The process of expressing one’s art from one’s body, mind and spirit and translating it onto canvas, requires an unblocked mind and free flowing hands.  This principle applies to creation on all levels and in all realms.  Art Battle is a platform to witness this spectacle.

Twenty minutes of mayhem plays out with DJ SimonSayz spinning, paint flying and you, within a crowd of onlookers enjoying every twist and turn of the brush.  The artists must win the game of competition while managing the pressure of time and energy to deliver a winning artwork.

As an audience member, you are involved in the show.  As a participant of the judiciary panel, you may cast a vote for your favorite artwork.   Your vote gives the artist a chance to advance to the final paint off between the top two competitors who are once again, decided by you the audience.  Each monthly winner is awarded a cash prize and a place to compete in the final for Vancouver’s top Art Battle artist.

The winner of Vancouver’s chapter will compete in the annual national final in Toronto.

Art Battle provides exposure for artists across the country through networks that are forming in each of Canada’s provinces. Artists are being turned into rock stars, some having created followings that fill a venue to see them display their skills.

In today’s society, it is difficult for artists to find suitable representation and gain exposure. Artists have had to find unique ways into the market and share the work they love. An artist will always find a way to share their passion. The creative flow is strong and determined.  When obstacles arise for self-expression, there are few forces that can hold it back. With limited supporting venues and opportunities for exposure, a new breed of artist is forming; one that is resolute and untiring in the search for deserved success and publicity. This is what’s leading the drive for this live art movement.

Come and be a part of Art Battle, currently showing monthly at Fan Club @ 1050 Granville Street.

You may purchase tickets online @ for $10, or pay $15 at the door.

The Art Battle team and competing artists are looking forward to seeing you there!