Ferries in False Creek and New Westminster suspend their operations

Mar 19 2020, 1:21 pm

All passenger ferry services that operate in the False Creek inner harbour and New Westminster have temporarily suspended their operations due to COVID-19.

Both False Creek private operators, False Creek Ferries and Aquabus, have indicated they are not operating at this time.

Aquabus has not indicated when they will be closed until, but False Creek Ferries has noted their fleet will remain at a standstill until at least the end of the month.

Provincial health officials have advised social distancing of at least two metres in public spaces, especially in enclosed and indoor environments.

Aquabus has 14 vessels, while False Creek Ferries has 17 vessels. Each vessel has a capacity of 20 passengers or less.

“We are sorry to not be able to give you more notice. Social distancing simply isn’t possible on a 6 metre ferry,” reads a tweet by False Creek Ferries.

As well, following the City of New Westminster’s state of emergency declaration today, the municipal government’s Q to Q Ferry service between Westminster Quay and the Queensborough neighbourhood across the Fraser River has also been suspended.

This service uses two 28-ft-long passenger ferry vessels, each with a capacity for 12 passengers.

With coronavirus on the rise, BC public health authorities are reminding individuals who attend events and large gatherings to monitor their health for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. And if you’re not feeling well, they recommend staying home at this time. Also, due to unexpected cancellations, please check the event you plan to attend is still taking place. Keep up with COVID-19 news here.