11 Best Apps for University Students

Dec 19 2017, 8:15 am

Whether you’re looking for a nifty tool to help you get ahead of the bell curve, watching those calories from leftover pizza or managing that beer money, VcB has compiled a top 11 list of the best apps for university students.

11 Apps for University Students

1. Planners

First and foremost, students will want to get their lives organized. You can set class schedules, homework and exam deadlines, store notes and photos with Studious for Android. With MyHomework for Android and MyHomework for iOS, you can sync your syllabus and class materials if your prof uses teachers.io.

2. TransLink

See various TransLink apps for buses and schedules for both iOS and Android, to make sure you get to class on time and not as wet in Raincouver.

3. Task Builders

If This Then That for iOS allows you to set commands based on catalysts you set. For example, “If it is sunny, send me a reminder to wear my shades.” Any.Do for iOS and Any.Do for Android remind you to make a list of tasks every morning and you can even share each task with a contact.

4. Voice Recorder

Professor speaking too fast? Record the lecture with QuickVoice Recorder for iOS. A similar app exists for Android called Smart Voice Recorder for Android.

5. Study tools

Evernote for iOS and Evernote for Android allow you to create notes, take photos, attach files, record audio and sync the data with all your devices. STUDYBLUE lets you create digital flashcards and study them on your smartphone or computer. Import notes from Evernote for improved studying. STUDYBLUE for iOS and STUDYBLUE for Android.

6. Dictionary.com

Huh, what does that mean? Well Dictionary.com for iOS and Dictionary.com for Android can help you and also show trending words to stay on top of what’s hot.

7. Google Translate

Google Translate for iOS and Google Translate for Android are not only useful for Spanish class, they can also play a role in impressing that international student you want to pick up.

8. Lose It!

Keep track of your meals and calories burned and prevent yourself from gaining extra pizza weight or achieving the Freshman 15. Lose It! for iOS and Lose It! for Android.

9. WebMD

Impressive WebMD for iOS and WebMD for Android do a thorough step-by-step process to diagnose that weird itch on your arm and differentiate that allergy from a cold.

10. Mobile Banking

Banking apps are so convenient to instantly transfer money between accounts and take care of most banking activities.

11. Foro

Last but not least, a local Vancouver company has come up with an app for students to buy and sell stuff between each other. This can be anything including, books, clothes, video games, your couch, etc. Foro for iOS.

If you have any suggestions of apps for university students, be sure to include them below. Good luck this semester!