A non-tech guy's review: I've been using Apple's AirPods for the past 10 days

Jan 19 2017, 8:46 pm

First things first, I’m just a regular everyday normal guy.

In fact, I’m probably even below average when it comes to technology. Despite using the internet everyday (nearly all day), I still know very little about it.

I can’t take you to the dark web if you ask me, after ‘try restarting your modem’ I’m out of ideas to fix your connection, and I still haven’t figured out why I need to empty my cache so often.

But I do use my headphones on a daily basis.

So I was more than curious to get my hands ears on a pair of Apple’s new AirPods. You know, the little magic buds that somehow stay in your ear without anything to hold onto. That seemingly function as some strange future concept that will actually let me move freely without having my headphones ripped out of my ears every time their wire gets caught on a door handle (it is incredible how often this happens).

So if you’re thinking of living in the future now, here’s everything I’ve noticed over the past 10 days using the AirPods in my daily life.


While I use my headphones on a daily basis, I don’t secretly DJ on weekends or compose mixtapes for people I’ve just met. Which is to say, I do not need a music factory in my ears to make me happy.

If you are satisfied with Apple’s regular ear buds, you will be satisfied with the AirPods. As far as I can tell there is no difference.

The package

Apple AirPods

Image: Daily Hive

The AirPods come in a small dental-floss looking charging case that is pretty great. It’s plain, sturdy, and best of all, acts as a charging station even when it’s not plugged in. So, while you’re busy using up your AirPods battery power, you can simply pop them into the case to re-charge them – even when you’re on the go.

What’s more, the case offers a magnetic hold for each bud, so even if you turn the case upside down when it’s open the buds won’t move. A tiny light in the middle of the open case will tell if the AirPods are charged (green) or need charging (orange).

You (probably) won’t lose them

Look, we’re all worried about losing our shiny new toys. But if you’re careful, you’ll be fine. I’ve been using these ones for 10 days now and haven’t misplaced them once. Mainly I believe that’s due to the fact that when I’m done using them I put them right back in their charging case. However, if you do lose one or both, Apple is working on ways to help you find them (they’ve just released a beta version of ‘Find My AirPod’).


apple airpods

Image: Apple

It really couldn’t be easier. You simply open the case (with the AirPods in it) near your iPhone and they’ll automatically connect to any device across your iCloud account. Once you’re connected, simply open the case near your phone and an icon will pop up on the screen showing you how much battery power both the AirPods and the charging case have.

Double tapping

What the AirPods do miss out on is the control dongle that comes with the regular headphones. However, by double-tapping the top of either bud you can answer and hang up a call as well as access Siri. You also have the option of switching from Siri to a pause/play option if you find that more useful. I’ve had trouble with how hard and just exactly where you have to double-tap, sometimes leading to hanging up on people when I’m trying to answer or pausing a song again when I’m meaning to play it.

The power of Siri

Apple AirPods

Image: Apple

Before now, I never really used Siri. But, with my phone sitting a few feet away, it’s simple to double tap and access all it’s capable of in a way I hadn’t thought to before. You can stop and play music, place calls, send texts, and a whole lot more. And if your phone is in your pocket you can do it without having to take it out – or having to yell.

The battery

I’ve found that the AirPods are good for talking and listening to music – for long stretches. But where they’ve let me down is when I forget to put them immediately back in the case after using them. If I’ve thrown them in my pocket for an hour because the case wasn’t near, I’ve noticed a drastic drop in their battery power. Basically, if you keep the case with you, you’re good. If not, you could run out of juice much faster than you thought you would.

They fix a problem

Apple AirPods

Image: Daily Hive

One of the most annoying aspects of the latest iPhone is the inability to charge it while you’re using your headphones – there’s just one port. That’s no longer the case with the AirPods. You can now charge up while chatting away.

The magic

When you’re listening to a song and someone starts talking to you so you have to remove one of the Pods to hear them, the song instantly pauses and will only start playing again when you put it back in your ear. How? I have no idea. But it certainly feels like magic. While I’ve always had trouble keeping regular buds in my ear, the AirPods fit and don’t fall out. Not when I’m jumping, running, or walking. How? Again, no idea.


I’d say that if you like your ear buds and you already use Apple, you’re going to love AirPods. They’re simple, easy to use, and feel like so much less hassle than a tangled chord. If you’re into noise-cancelling headphones or are someone who loses their keys once a day, these probably aren’t what you’re looking for.

So far for me, however, the magic is definitely worth it.

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