The app that can save your pet’s life

Dec 19 2017, 9:30 am

Pet emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye, often forcing pet parents to make on-the-spot – and sometimes life or death — decisions.

Now, the Red Cross has developed a new interactive app that brings the vet’s office right to your smartphone, free of charge.

It’s a great resource: deciding whether or not a sick or injured pet needs an emergency and expensive trip to the veterinarians’ office is a common dilemma for the Vancouver pet owner.

Like last week, when my adorable Norfolk terrier was choking after inhaling a rawhide chew and having it lodge halfway down his throat. Thankfully, I was able to reach in and pluck the disgusting soggy strip out of his throat, but if I didn’t it could have spelled a costly trip to the emergency room, or worse.

The new application is the latest Red Cross mobile app to provide emergency assistance and help people know what to do in case they’re faced with a life-threatening situation.


The Red Cross has already released apps with information about what to do in case of a car accident, electric shock, tornado or earthquake – a hazard of particular relevance to us West Coasters.

In addition to giving basic info about things like choking, bites and poison, the new pet first aid app also lets you store and keep important medical information about each of your animals.  You can add your veterinarian’s info as well as each pet’s age, medication needs, tag IDs and microchip info.

Instructions, photos and videos are available for everything from controlling bleeding to caring for breathing and cardiac emergencies.

It also allows the user to respond to pet emergencies with “how to” videos for the common and stressful emergency situations.  It also goes a step further by showing how to perform emergency CPR on different sizes of cats and dogs, should it ever be needed.


Hopefully, this isn’t an app you’ll need to access often, but it’s a good one for any pet parents that find themselves in a tough scenario.

The app is available for Android and iPhone and costs 99 cents: a pittance compared to what the average vet bill costs.

The BC SPCA also has loads of tips on pet safety on its website, including how to protect your furry friends from hazards most people don’t even know lurk around their homes.