"Anti-Loneliness" ramen bowl vows to keep you company during mealtime

Dec 19 2017, 10:28 am

Do you often use your phone while eating meals? MisoSoupDesign has made it possible to update statuses and tweet while you eat.

The ramen bowl is intended to provide a less lonely experience for those dining alone. You can simply dock your phone and enjoy your noodles.

MisoSoupDesign is currently accepting preorders and will be shipping orders out from April through May. The Taiwanese company has made it possible for individuals to use one hand to eat with chopsticks and use the other to drink soup, so you can FaceTime, stream YouTube videos or text at ease.

If you can’t find a date for dinner don’t sweat it, the anti-loneliness ramen bowl will be your plus one. Ramen bowls will be produced in three colours: black, white and red.

Is this ‘innovative’ concept making individuals more antisocial or does it provide an ‘enhanced’ dining experience?

Image: MisoSoupDesign

Image: MisoSoupDesign


Feature image: MisoSoupDesign