Anonymous threatens to release the "real reason" why John Baird quit politics

Dec 19 2017, 4:35 pm

Online hacktivist group Anonymous said they’ve decrypted text messages that reveal the “real reason” why ex-Foreign Minister John Baird left politics.

On Monday, the group leaked what is said to be a CSIS document that states that the intelligence service has 25 foreign stations around the world. The online group is releasing documents as part of “Operation Anon Down.” The operation is a string of attacks in retaliation of a police shooting involving an armed man, identified as James McIntyre, that resulted in his death.


Anonymous then threatened it would release classified government documents if the RCMP did not name the officer involved in the shooting in Dawson Creek.

As investigators try to track down the people responsible for the leak, Anonymous said it will continue to release classified information “at irregular intervals.”

No other details have been released regarding the alleged text messages, but Anonymous said it has both texts and a video regarding Baird’s departure from politics.

The National Post tried to reach out to Baird, but he declined to contact.

Baird abruptly left his position in politics as Minister of Foreign Affairs under Prime Minister Stephen Harper on March 16, 2015. Since then, he has taken up multiple jobs in the private sector.

Baird was hired at Hatch Ltd., a consulting and engineering firm, and was appointed to the board of directors to the Canadian Pacific Railway. Baird also took a job at Barrick gold, a Canadian mining giant, on top of becoming an advisor to Hong Kong billionaire Richard Li.