Restaurant co-owner turns himself in for alleged hidden washroom camera

Allan Bosomworth, the co-owner of the now-closed Downtown Eastside location of the Two Chefs And A Table restaurant, has turned himself in after allegations that he installed a hidden camera in his restaurant’s bathroom.

He turned himself in at the Main Street courthouse early yesterday morning. Police had issued a warrant for his arrest after the Crown alleged Bosomworth observed or recorded people “in a place in which they could reasonably be expected to be nude, to expose their genital organs and/or anal region.”

The restaurant’s other co-owner, who reportedly discovered Bosomworth’s washroom camera, is not implicated in the criminal matter. According to court documents, the offence occurred between December 14 to 18, 2012. If proven guilty in court, Bosomworth could face up to five years in prison.

Image: Kiro TV