Allan Hawco of "Republic of Doyle" chats with VancityBuzz

To some, whaddayat sounds like drunken gibberish, but to a Newfoundlander like Allan Hawco, it is a greeting as common as “hello.”

The phrase means: what are you doing? And the correct response is:  this is it.

Because quite frankly, it’s exactly what you’re doing when you are asked, simple enough.

The interview began with this greeting.

Nicolle: So, I’m going to test out some Newfoundland slang, ready? Whaddayat?

Allan (laughing): Well, this is it!

Allan Hawco plays ‘Jack Doyle’ in the CBC hit TV series, “Republic of Doyle.” The show is in its fourth season of production, with Allan also serving as co-creator, executive producer, head writer and show runner. As a Newfoundland born actor (and graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal) he is one of Canada’s most exciting rising stars. As Jack Doyle, Hawco plays a cheeky private investigator amidst a colorful cast, solving mysteries in the most respectful of ways (Hawco mentions he has no need for the ultra violence and rape used in many crime shows currently on the tube).

Conversation was easy-going and playful, opening with Hawco discussing some exciting guest stars, his Newfoundland roots and how he has the creative control to write what or who in or out of the show. We discussed throwing me in there, or Newfoundland’s first unicorn – which seems far more realistic (apparently I grimaced at the thought of acting). Regardless, he is the man with the power is his pen showcasing talent from the east, and so far, doing it all right by Canada.

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