All Good Things Come to an End for Nelly Furtado

Dec 19 2017, 6:53 am

If her performance last Wednesday evening at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom is any indication of her career, it may be time for Victoria-bred songbird Nelly Furtado to fly away.

Her so-called “concert,” which was originally scheduled at the Orpheum Theatre, had to be moved to the Commodore due to lack of ticket sales. Even with the change in venue, Furtado was unable to maximize the space, and numerous Vancouver media sites are bashing everything from the lack of attendance, to her lackluster performance.

Although attendance figures were not released, the Ballroom was reportedly quite empty considering its 1000 person capacity.

Karina Pangilnian, who attended the concert with a friend, said the event was “alright,” and that they “weren’t really huge fans.”

However photographer Dina Stoddard, who also happens to be Furtado’s first cousin, said the contrary. “Nelly’s vocal range has feeling and soul, and last night’s performance did not disappoint. No tour on its second show night is going to be perfect, but from backstage and in the crowd everything looked and sounded great to both myself and to the fans I spoke to.”

Furtado’s 2000 debut album “Woah, Nelly” was met with great review, and gave us hits such as “I’m Like a Bird.” However her latest album, “The Spirit Indestructible” has barely managed to get off the ground, and suddenly Canadian’s musical sweetheart has gone from Woah, to No.

Although some fans considered the dance floor to be half-full, the lonely t-shirt vendors and grumpy bartenders may hold a more accurate view of the evening. One disappointing song rendition to the next, it became apparent that things were quickly going from Nelly Furta-do, to Nelly Furta-don’t.

In a room filled with more defeat than fans, one can’t help but ask the age old question – when a celebri-tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it even make a sound?

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