9 Alfred Drinking Coffee-approved South Granville cafes

Oct 10 2018, 8:51 pm

South Granville is a very unique neighbourhood in Vancouver, conveniently situated between the south end of the Granville Street bridge and 16th Avenue. It’s not only a shopping district, nor just a food district, but a combination of both.

Walking along South Granville you can find a range of different shops, from restaurants and art galleries, to clothing and home design boutiques, and of course a whole bunch of independent coffee shops. So you know I couldn’t resist to make a coffee tour out of it.

Look no further, here are the 9 coffee shops I visited on South Granville:

Dose Espresso Bar

Dose is a family owned coffee shop, serving up organic coffee from Granville Island’s Origins Coffee Roasters, as well as a bunch of fresh pastries and baked goods made in-house, like a savoury spinach and cheese waffle that is just to die for. I would categorize this place as a hidden gem ’cause you could walk by it and miss it but definitely worth going to stop by and check out! Trust me — I’m a coffee blogger.

Goodge Place

Featuring Milano Roasters coffee, this half coffee shop half lifestyle store serves up a mean Americano while you walk around finding some one-of-a-kind gifts for your home. This has to be one of the most unique coffee shops I’ve seen in my life.

Goodge Place, South Granville/South Granville BIA

Heirloom Juice Co

I know what you’re thinking: “This is a juice company?! What are you on about?” but trust me; if you go try their Turbo Coffee, you’ll be wired for the day (and that’s coming from me). Four shots of espresso, maca powder, and coconut oil have never tasted so good together.

Small Victory

Small Victory just recently opened up their South Granville location and wow is it worth seeing. Featuring a massive seating area, a huge coffee bar, and a selection of pastries that are out of this world, as well as a bunch of local roasters – this is a must go.

Pro Tip: Grab yourself their delicious cheesecake and an unreal pour over coffee and just try to not shed a tear at the balance of flavours.

Small Victory, South Granville/South Granville BIA

Bump n Grind

Serving a multitude of different Canadian roasters (Phil & Sebastian, BowsXArrows, Anchored Coffee, just to name a few) this independently-owned coffee shop is a quaint place to grab a coffee and either sit and study, meet up with a friend or watch the street action. Well worth a visit. Note: the house-made cold brew was refreshing.

Bump n Grind, South Granville/South Granville BIA

Phoscao Café

This French-inspired coffee shop with a comfy ambiance is a bit hidden but well worth discovering. They serves JJ Bean and Source Coffee as well as some amazing pastries, along with the only Bingsoo menu in the neighbourhood (in case you’re wondering, Bingsoo is a shaved ice cream dessert, just go try it). I indulged with a delicious cinnamon bun and some JJ Bean in my Americano.

Le Creuset

This place took me by surprise. Le Creuset is a kitchenware store, so why would it have a coffee bar? Cause it’s a brilliant idea, that’s why. They have a full coffee offering, serving 49th Parallel coffee and pastries from Thierry made fresh and delivered daily. Why wouldn’t you want a cup of coffee while buying yourself some pots and pans?

Bean Around the World

Bean Around the World is one of those unique ones on this list because although this cafe is independently owned, you can be sure it’ll have the same quality-sourced and roasted coffee as other Bean Around the World coffee shops. This spot specifically is great to grab a coffee, while soaking up some amazing local art or chilling out and enjoying life.

Trees Organic Coffee

Okay yes, they have unreal organic coffee, but what I was most excited about here was the cheesecake. Their cheesecake is definitely one of a kind, with a wide variety of choices, from your typical New York cheesecake to their limited edition ones that they have from month to month. I could sit here listing off all of their cheesecakes or I can just tell you to go try it for yourself and grab yourself a coffee while you’re at it.

So there you have it. A list of some of the best coffee shops South Granville has to offer that had me smiling with many thumbs-up of approval. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood and want to get a feel for how friendly, upbeat, and genuinely great the community is, stop by any of these coffee shops and you’ll get some amazing service. Tell them Alfred Drinking Coffee sent you, maybe they’ll give you an extra big smile with your coffee! (I can’t really promise more than that).

Happy coffee drinking!

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