Album Review: Pale Red, un-titled ee pee

Dec 19 2017, 4:15 pm

The new EP from Vancouver-based art-rock trio Pale Red is in your face but easy on the ears.

The band previously known as White Mink and comprised of members Charlotte Coleman, Portia Boehm, and Myles Black was the first night winner at last year’s Shindig and played Music Waste in June. Their untitled — or cleverly titled un-titled ee-pee; you be the judge — new album is comprised of just three tracks, but the brevity isn’t a hindrance. Instead, the concise offering serves as a nice little summer treat and as a preview of the good things brewing for Pale Red’s upcoming full-length.

With lo-fi acoustics and sweet jams that don’t try too hard, the release follows in the same direction as its predecessor, the white mink e.p.. The difference, however, is heard in fuzzier riffs, softer tempo, and freakier vocals.

Both “Camera” and “I Don’t Answer Questions” are held together by reverberating beats and cymbal tap-tap-tapping — a signature combination that has audibly been refined. The fog that coats the songs draw back the pace, keeping the tone light and easy amongst shrieky harmonies that coast along catchy hooks.

Groovy basslines and hazy shreds on closer “Time’s A Blob” take Pale Red’s bread-and-butter to the next level, further displaying their growth and an assuredness of who they are and where they want to go.

Pale Red’s un-titled ee pee is available online


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