Alain Vigneault Has Signed a Contract Extension

Despite the Canucks getting knocked out in the first round, it looks like Coach V won’t be leaving anytime soon. The Canucks have just announced Vigneault has received a contract extension, although the details of the contract itself have yet to be made public. Here is what Gillis had to say about AV, courtesy of the Canucks’ news feed:

“Alain has established himself as one of the premiere coaches in the National Hockey League,” said Gillis. “He has demonstrated a commitment to winning that has led to back-to-back Presidents’ Trophies and we are confident his dedication and hard work will continue to yield positive results. Alain has built a foundation of winning with this franchise and I feel he can continue to build on that foundation to achieve our ultimate goal.”

There won’t be much of a shake-up coming from the top down as both Gillis and Vigneault are here to stay, although it isn’t much of a shock considering who is on the market to pick up AV’s job if he had been fired.

There may be some tears shed that he didn’t get the boot, but at least he never tried to have Teemu Selanne’s stick measured in a make-or-break game like Craig McTavish. And by that I mean thank god T-Mac, the head coach of the Canucks’ farm team the Chicago Wolves, didn’t just get handed the reigns of the Vancouver Canucks.

At worst, we can all look forward to another season season of AV giggling hysterically: