Airplane passenger stung by scorpion on flight from Toronto to Calgary

Mar 11 2019, 7:38 pm

If you thought snakes on a plane was a bad idea, think again.

A passenger on an Air Transat flight had a rough landing on February 26 on a flight from Toronto to Calgary, as they were stung by a scorpion during the flight’s descent, according to a statement from Air Transat.

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Following the sting, the passenger alerted the cabin crew, who contacted the MedLink medical care company, and the passenger was eventually tended to by paramedics once she made it to the gate.

“Although this is an extremely rare situation, it can unfortunately occur,” the Air Transat statement read.

“Our teams followed the protocols in place and a complete inspection of the aircraft, as well as an extermination process, were carried.”

The scorpion was found and handled by airport authorities after all the remaining passengers had left the plane.

Unfortunately, Air Transat says that they cannot confirm how a scorpion managed to get onto the aircraft.