Air quality advisory issued for Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley

Dec 19 2017, 3:54 pm

An air quality advisory has been issued for the eastern areas of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

According to the Metro Vancouver Regional District, warm and sunny weather this weekend has caused high concentrations of ground-level ozone to develop.

While ozone in the stratosphere protects humans and plants from ultraviolet radiation, high-levels of ground-level ozone can be harmful. Ground-level ozone is formed by chemical reactions after the release of air pollutants.

Temperatures reached 33°C inland on Saturday and more warm weather is expected to persist today and throughout the week.

The advisory says strenuous outdoor activities during the mid-afternoon, when ozone levels are highest, should be avoided. Individuals who may be particularly at risk include infants, the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions such as lung or heart disease and asthma.

“If you are experiencing symptoms such as chest discomfort, shortness of breath, cough or wheeze, follow the advice of your health care provider and stay indoors in air conditioned spaces,” reads the advisory by Metro Vancouver.

“This advisory is expected to continue until there is a change in the current hot and sunny weather.”


Webcam snapshot of this morning’s air quality in Metro Vancouver, looking east from downtown Vancouver.

Image: B.C. Air Quality

Image: B.C. Air Quality

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