Adrian Dix resigns as B.C. NDP Leader

Dec 19 2017, 8:23 am

At a press conference on Wednesday in Vancouver, B.C. NDP Leader Adrian Dix announced his resignation as party leader. This decision had been rumoured recently following the party’s surprising defeat by the Liberals in the May provincial election.

“…We fell short on election day is my responsibility as leader,” said Dix.

“Since our defeat in the election on May 14, I have reflected both on my future as leader of the B.C. NDP and on the future of our party. It has become clear to me that the best interests of our party mean that I need to step aside for a new leader, who can lead us to victory in 2017.”

Dix confirmed, however, that he intends to stay on as the party leader, up and until a new leader is selected sometime in the middle of 2014.

Following their shocking defeat in the May provincial election, B.C. NDP fingers pointed at an ineffective campaign that failed to distinguish them as a viable alternative to the B.C. Liberals, and personally at Dix, whom many felt made severe mistakes taking the “high road” when dealing with Premier Christy Clark.

As one pundit commented, “You don’t send a Golden Retriever into the ring with a Pit Bull.”

Attempts at rebranding the party, with the moderate slogan – “change, one practical step at a time” – felt uninspired and lacking a clear vision, and simply left voters confused. Making a mid-election about-face on the contentious Kinder Morgan oil pipeline, though aimed at deflating the threat of the Green Party, ultimately alienated blue-collar workers.

Dix noted that he will seek re-election as a B.C. NDP MLA.


Image: Darryl Dyck / The Canadian Press