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Adopt Me: Curse of the black dog

Darcy Matheson May 23, 2017 12:12 am 1,856

Ever heard of Black Dog Syndrome (BDS)?  It’s a very real thing and it’s a doggone shame. No pun intended.

Black dog syndrome is when would be adopters shun and pass by black dogs (and cats) in favour of more colourful or exotically-marked companion animals. Brown dogs also seem to fall prey to this.

It’s an unconscious thing for the most part, but shelter workers say it’s absolutely real, and results in many awesome pets being left behind.

The foster mama of Boots, a three-year-old “Heeler Labrador something else cross,” feels that this is why the affectionate pup hasn’t found his forever home.

Boots in Mexico.

Boots was found wandering “literally in the middle of nowhere” in Mexico, underweight and packed with mites and ticks. But thankfully he was picked up by MexPup and brought to BC. 

For the past two years Boots has been in a loving home, but he was surrendered because his owner was going through mental health issues. Being a sensitive pup, Boots was picking up on her anxiety and depression.

The ideal home for this special boy is one that is very smart, social, and active. He is fast and energetic, and would thrive in classes that put him to work, like dog agility.  

A dog-experienced owner with no small children would be ideal. No cats please!

“Boots has made amazing progress over the last several weeks and he just needs to love a family of his own,” says Khat Vesal, who has been fostering boots for the past eight weeks.

“He’s a super rad pup.”

Khat and her foster buddy.

Boots is currently living with a canine buddy, and would likely do well with a canine companion in his new home. As with all dogs, a proper introduction and testing is recommended.

If you or someone you know would be the right home for Boots, complete an application at Mex Pup. The adoption process involves a phone call and home visit. 

Boots and his foster sibling.

Boots and his buddies on a hike.

Boots the lovebug.

Adopt me plz.

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